Feud of 10 years finalised

A feud of 10 years between a young man and elderly residents in the west of Pretoria came to a head this week.

The man was on Wednesday prohibited from pestering and disturbing the elderly community in Daspoort.

An interdict to this effect was issued by the Family Court in the city.

“The order is straightforward. You are to stay away from them,” Magistrate Pillay told Jacques van den Berg.

Van den Berg, who is in his late 20s, was found to have been guilty of harassing elderly people living in 12 RDP houses along Da Gama Street in Daspoort.

The court heard that the trouble began about 10 years ago when he transgressed on the property of elderly residents by parking his car there.

When they put up barriers to keep him out, he destroyed these.

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This led to a string of endless arguments between the two parties, lasting for more than 10 years. Van den Berg apparently also played loud music to irritate the community.

The police had been called several times by the elderly people, but the friction continued unabated.

“He was driving us up the walls. It simply became something impossible to live with,” resident Rita Hertzog told Rekord.

“Whatever we did he just kept on doing things to provoke us.”

The matter was supposed to have been concluded on 9 May, but Van den Berg failed to turn up for court proceedings.

On Wednesday, his lawyer was absent because of illness.

Van den Berg told the court he would represent himself, but proceedings did not last long.

“The order they (the applicants) seek is a very simple one: That you do not verbally or physically abuse them and threaten them or vandalise their property, that you simply leave them alone,” said the magistrate.

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Asked whether he was opposing the application for the interdict, Van den Berg said he would want the order to cut both ways.

Pillay pointed out he would have to bring his own application in to achieve this.

She then issued the order for him to stay away from the elderly.

Van den Berg responded by saying he would welcome a return to normality.

Resident Eddie Hertzog was relieved.

“I am so happy that it’s all over and that we are able to continue with our lives like in the past,” he said.

“Now we will be able to sleep at night again.”

Van den Berg declined to speak to reporters.

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