Dog poisoning could be start of crime wave

The dog had to be put down after it was poisoned. Photo: Supplied

Andrew Ngozo

A Claremont resident fears the start of his neighbourhood being terrorised by thieves after his dog was poisoned and thieves tried to steal a car in his street on the same night.

Andre Stapelberg said he suspected a syndicate was behind the poisoning of his seven-year-old dog at the weekend.

“The people who poisoned my dog used some kind of polony to entice it. On Monday morning, I really could not believe my eyes when the usually hyper active dog was lying in a heap, helpless,” he said.

“I fear the poisoning could be the start of bigger problems.”

He said when he went to sleep on Sunday, the dog was perfectly healthy.

“But when I woke up on Monday the dog was whimpering not able to do anything. It was lying in its own vomit and mucus,” he said.

He said he rushed the dog to the vet who confirmed it had been poisoned. Stapelberg said on Sunday night, thieves had attempted to steal a car in his street but were unable to get it out of the driveway.

“For all I know, the thieves had targeted my home but my dog did not die soon enough. I suspect this is only the beginning, and I urge other dog owners to be careful with their animals,” he said adding his dog would be put down.

Stapelberg said the dog would be missed as it was a popular in the neighbourhood. “Everyone from the young ones to the old people knew what a friendly dog she was. Now she will be put down because of senseless acts from criminals. All I can do is ask other dog owners to be careful,” said Stapelberg.

Rekord has about reported several dogs dying of poison in the area.

The dogs had eaten polony laced with poison.


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