Dumping and waste removal still a problem in the west

Dumping in the west of Pretoria remains a problem for residents.

Illegal dumping and waste removal remains a challenge in the west of Pretoria say residents.

Danville resident Thoko Ndlovu said illegal dumping has taken place on the corner of Nykamp and Schmidt streets for a few months.

She said she reported the issue to the Tshwane metro on numerous occasions but did not receive any help.

“It [the waste] has been there for four months and not once have they [Tshwane metro] come out to clean it. I have reported it several times but I haven’t received a response from them.”

“The municipality drive past it every week, but the dump site is just growing,” said Ndlovu.

One of Ndlovu’s concerns is the effect it might have on residents’ health.

“It is so unhealthy and it is summer. I truly fear for snakes and rats that might get into our homes.”

Pretoria West resident Cosette Heyns said their garbage had not been collected last week.

“We put our garbage out and they just never pitched. This is not a new thing, it has been an ongoing problem. One week they come and the next they don’t.”

“We all wait like watchdogs for the truck on Thursdays because we dare not leave our bins outside because they will get stolen,” said Heyns.

Resident Jonathan Kilian said he was fed-up with the people who removed the waste.

“Either they don’t take our rubbish or they ask for water or a cigarette before they actually do take it.”

“I just feel that it is so unfair that we have to pay for services we don’t receive. Every week we have to fight to get our waste removed,” said Kilian.

Ward 3 councillor Carlo de Bruin confirmed illegal dumping was a problem.

“Myself as a councillor and the Tshwane metro are aware of illegal dumping. We know dumping poses a serious problem in Ward 3 and the city at large as landfills reach capacity.”

De Bruin said beside the waste being unsightly it also posed potential health and environmental risks that could lead to devastating long-term consequences.

“Sadly, for some reason most of the time offenders are the residents in the ward.”

De Bruin said he had notified officials of dumping hotspots and they have agreed to look into it.

“Various initiatives will be introduced in the near future offering mid to long-term solutions,” said De Bruin.

De Bruin asked residents to act responsibly and stop dumping illegally. He said any dumping activity could be reported to the metro police with as much information as possible.

He urged residents to be safe and refrain from confronting people about any illegal dumping issues.


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