WATCH VIDEO: Another successful cleanup operation in Villieria

Helping the police from left to right: Johan de Wet, Linda Kirsten, Minette de Wet and Magda Swanepoel. Photo: Kayla van Petegem

The Villieria police launched a cleanup operation in their area on Monday.

The police, residents, Kilnerpark Security, Moot Crime Prevention, the CPF and Moot Community initiative all participated.

The following areas were cleaned: from the corner of Terblanche Street and 28th to 29th avenues, 33 Avenue to Nico Smith Street, the Stead Avenue bridge and the corner of Starkey and Codonia avenues.

The idea behind the operation was to tackle all the crime hotspots in the police’s jurisdiction.

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Villieria police spokesperson Captain Coba Brits said most of the areas had been well maintained since their previous operation last year.

She said a field in Starkey Avenue had been marked by the police as a hotspot for criminal activity and they would keep a close eye on it in future.

Brits said other than garbage that was found during their operation, they also found empty bullet casings and a few screwdrivers.

The cleanup operation was the second of two phases.

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“The first phase included us being given a detailed analysis of crime tendencies in the area. Members were also briefed during a parade,” said Brits.

“During the second phase we ensured profiling of homeless people in the area.”

Brits previously said they invited residents to help them with the cleanup because they needed the public to join hands with them to curb crime.

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“We believe together we can create a safer environment,” said Brits.

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