Tech Thursday: 5 things you need to know about Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories is a very obvious evolution that imitates the popular Snapchat, a go-to app for millennials. Stories has already been rolled out to Instagram but this move will reach many more people, some who may be very confused by all the sudden influx of animated photos and live videos on your newsfeed.

Here are five things you need to know about Facebook Stories:

1. Facebook Stories is a collection of photos and videos

There’s a large chance that you might’ve seen people posting pictures overlaid with a dog nose or ears from apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook Story imitates those apps and presents a collection of photos and videos you might’ve posted for the past 24 hours in a continuous stream.


2. You may add all sorts of features to go with your image or video

Just like Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook Stories allows you to enhance your images and video posts with funny captions, animations, cartoons and overlays that make sharing a whole lot of fun.


3. There are new icons on your Facebook app that allow you to post your first story

Tap the new camera button on the top left corner of the Facebook app to start overlaying. The magic wand icon adds graphics, text, drawings and interactive animations to your image. Hold the big button down to shoot video, or tap it once for a photo. The feature also lets you import existing photos and videos. Press the giant arrow when you’re ready to post and select “Your Story” from the list of contacts. Tap the send button and your post will be live.


4. Sound is not an important component when posting your Facebook Story

Not to be confused with Facebook live that allows you to post live videos, Facebook story is more of a visual medium that lets your followers know what you are up to at any given time. Most people have the sound off when looking at the stories so captions are always better than sounds.


5. Facebook Story is designed for mobile not desktop

A lot of people think of how an image or video will look on their desktop but Facebook Stories lives only on mobile so always shoot your videos and images vertically because that’s how they will be viewed.

If you cannot see Facebook Stories on your home page you might have to update your Facebook app.

Watch the video below for more information:

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