GALLERY: West a sanctuary for squatters?

“This remains a great eyesore and issue in our area. Some of the residents have already been sorted in at informal settlements, but they still stir trouble at other places.”

Cable thieves on the rampage in the west

“Power outages are now common in the area and residents live in constant fear that the supply of electricity will be interrupted by the theft of cables.”

SOUND CLIP: Wes-vleiland laat inwoners moedeloos

Onwettige storting en plakkers is maar net ’n paar van die kwessies wat inwoners in Quaggastraat op ’n daaglikse basis met hulle hande in hulle hare laat.

Moot Cable thieves a concern

“Cable theft is dangerous. Where the cable is cut, there are usually live wires hanging loosely.”