Hierdie tannie ‘n voorbeeld

“Ek hoor die dankbaarheid in haar as sy sê, ek sê net elke dag “Dankie Here”.”

Vele stof tot nadenke

Isak Burger. Jesus is méér…as kerk toe gaan.Carpe Diem Media. 2014.

Mandela Day 2014 – Today we do not mourn his loss but we think about his legacy

Bring me men to match my mountains, Bring me men to match my plains, Men with empires in their purpose And new eras in their brains. These words from the poem The Coming American, written by Sam Walker, could have been written for Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Today we celebrate Mandela Day — for the first…

Gebruik rooiwyn vir die pyn

Nog ‘n juweeltjie uit Louis Leipoldt se kookboek Polfyntjies vir die Proe. Rooi Wyn Die droewige geskiedenis van grootoom Gieljam is iets waaroor ons in ons familie so min as moontlik gesels. In my jong dae was dit gewoonte om, as van Grootoom gepraat word, die kinders uit die kamer te stuur. Natuurlik met die…

Confessions of a on-line dater

Online dating has become very popular these days. There are many ways to think about this. Today, with technology becoming more accessible to people of all ages, ‘instant’ relationships has become the in-thing. Many people feel that this is a type of ‘technological’ relationship and for the most part lack any depth or feeling, it…

Klippe langs die pad: Tremspore al om Kerkplein

Terwyl jong konstruksiewerkers opgewonde by die nuwe spore saamgedrom het en hul gewonder het hoe die vreemde begrip van trem eintlik gelyk of gewerk het, het oom Paul stroef na niks gestaar.

Councelling the councillors

Overheard in a debt counsellor’s office: Counsellor: “State your full name please.” “Tshwane metro.” Counsellor: “Your ID number?” Metro: “Minus 4,7 billion.” “Occupation?” Metro: “I wear various hats. Partygoer. Financial juggler. Manager of accounts and people’s general unwelfare. Striker. Dodging people with complaints. Train driver of gravy train. Tenderpreneur, and much more.” Counsellor: “You seem…

Devastating ripple effect on the broad South African economy

The strike in the platinum sector has a devastating ripple effect on the broad South African economy. Stats SA last week released results for first quarter GDP growth which slowed to 3.8 %. This is the first time that the economy contracted since the recession in 2009. Mining output plunged the most in 47 years…

Africa Day celebrated

Many readers may wonder what interest there can be for the average Pretorian in this continental celebration.

Africa Day

Africa Day was celebrated on 25 May. Many readers may wonder what interest there can be for the average Pretorian in this continental celebration. The reason is that we are part of this continent and many issues that we are faced with on local level also reflect many of the problems that the continent is…

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