Wollies Animal Shelter Sleepover

We are so excited about our 3rd sleepover and are sure you are as well. For those who attended, loved and enjoyed the previous ones and even those who have not done it before…. Please come and join in and experience the warmth our animals at Wollies have to offer. Make use of this opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends, family and children, or even if you would like to venture it alone you are most welcome to come and give a little love and attention to the Wollies Animals.

We would like to announce that we have a special extra bonus, if you have always dreamed of handling lots of pots of money…. We need volunteers to come and assist us in the counting up of the money from the collection tins that are being filled and then putting the money into the correct amounts in the bank bags.   So even if you do not wish to sleep over, please come and attend the “Final Countdown”….All of this will be taking place on the 27th September 2014 at the Wollies Animal Shelter, 101 Rooikat Street Hestia Park Pretoria North from 17h00 in the afternoon.

It is our aim to have at least one person in each and every kennel.  There are 30 kennels  …  so come on people show your support!  and don’t forget about  our cattery, yes I know we have 82 cats, but don’t worry we won’t try to get 82 humans to all sleep in there!  Luckily we only need a few people in the cattery as our cats just love to cuddle up all over you, and no they don’t mind sharing you!

So bring your sleeping bags, mattresses or whatever you may feel might be comfortable enough for you to sleep on (if it is comfortable enough for you I’m sure it will be good enough for our furlegged friends).  Of course we will have wors rolls and cool drinks on sale so you need not worry about getting hungry, we will see that you have enough energy for this task, and make sure you pack something extra special in for our furry friends to share with you.

We do offer toilet facilities and for those that are brave enough for a cold shower you are more than welcome (but unfortunately we do not have hot water).

The money that we receive with the tin collection will be used to sterilize as many animals as possible during National Animal Week (the 1st week in October).  Most of these animals will come from the under-privileged areas and  more details on this are available upon request.



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